School Council

The School Council is a group of children chosen by each class to represent them. We meet once a week to discuss issues and improvements that can be made to the school.

The School Council for 2016/17 is:-

Year 3 Bobby and  Amelia Billy  and Emily
Year 4 Jenna and Yash Skye and Finlay
Year 5 Bailey and  Lucy Alex  and Zoe
Year 6 Evie and Louis Georgina, Tamar and George

Chair: Georgina
Vice-Chair: Evie
Secretary: George
Vice-Secretary: Tamar
Treasurer: Louis
In the academic year 2015/16 the school council has……

  • Ran a very successful Bring and Buy sale where children brought in books, toys and games that they no longer use.
  • Conducted a survey to see how pupils felt about Ashfield.  The feedback was very positive, showing children enjoyed school.  The three favourite subjects amongst pupils are Art, Maths and History.
  • Raised money for Save The Children by selling cookies to pupils during snack time and wearing Christmas jumpers on Christmas jumper day.
  • Already this year we have chosen our charities: Our Local Food Bank, Guide Dogs for the Blind and The Air Ambulance.
  • Changed our Constitution so from next school year, each class will have 4 School Councillors. These will change in February.  The children felt this gave more children a chance to get involved. They also decided that you can only be in the School Council once.  This makes the Chair of the School Council more special.
  • We have also organised for there to be an Ashfield Food Mountain and will donate all items to our local food bank.