Transition from Infants

Transition from Merry Hill Infants School to Ashfield Junior School

Moving up to junior school from infants can be a daunting prospect, however here at Ashfield we do all we can to ensure that the transition is as smooth and worry-free as possible. Visits between the two schools are arranged in the Spring and Summer terms and a Buddy system is set up so that the children have some familiarity with Ashfield staff and children before the “big day” arrives in September!

Year 2 / Year 3 Transition Timetable

Christmas Term
  • Ashfield Junior admissions: Prospective parents are given the opportunity to be shown around the school by Year 6 guides. Head-teacher is available by request.
  • Year 2 visit Ashfield to see the Year 3 Christmas Show
  • Year 3 visit Merry Hill to see the Nursery and Reception Christmas Show
Spring Term
  • Year 2 and Year 3 exchange emails with each other.
  • Year 3 visit Merry Hill to see the Year 1 show
  • Ashfield notify all Year 2 parents and carers of transition arrangements by letter and invite them to an individual meeting to discuss their child
  • All Year 2 parents and carers are invited to Ashfield‛s Open Evening in July.
  • Ashfield Year 3 teachers meet with Merry Hill Year 2 teachers to discuss children and to re-sort classes.
  • Ashfield Senior Leadership Team with Year 2 teachers to perform moderation / assessment in numeracy.
  • The Ashfield Inclusion Co-ordinator (INCo) and the Merry Hill INCo meet to discuss the needs of the Year 2 children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • Year 2 visit Ashfield to meet their Year 3 Buddy.
  • Ashfield Open Evening – Year 2 Merry Hill parents, carers and children are invited from 6:00pm to meet their new teachers and to visit their new classrooms.
  • Year 3 visit Merry Hill to watch the Year 2 Leaver‛s Show
End of Summer Term
  • Merry Hill send us the Common Transfer Files (CTF) and the Year 2 children are entered on to the Ashfield Database
  • The Year 2 Literacy and Numeracy books are sent to Ashfield from Merry Hill
  • The Merry Hill Headteacher provides Ashfield with the children’s Personal Development files
  • Ashfield Parents Evening is held and Year 3 parents & carers are invited to the school for a brief induction talk and a chance to catch up with the teachers