Junior School Curriculum

The Ashfield Curriculum

Everyone at Ashfield School works extremely hard: pupils, teachers and support staff, and this has led to our achieving good results both academically and in the more creative subjects.

We try to make everyone at Ashfield feel valued and appreciated. Individual talents, abilities, efforts and hard work are recognised, as are kindness and consideration. These are praised and rewarded by staff and children on a daily basis and those children who have shown an outstanding achievement during the week may be nominated by the staff or their peers for special mention in our Achievements Assembly, which is held each Friday afternoon.

The National Curriculum

We provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum, which is carefully planned across year groups to ensure parity of opportunity. The National Curriculum forms the guidance by which our schemes of work are planned.

Our lessons have clear and specific learning objectives. We realise that children enjoy learning in different ways and we try to provide a range of teaching strategies to meet children’s different learning needs. Sometimes whole class teaching takes place, at other times children will work in ability or other groups, in pairs or individually.

We encourage children to be independent learners, to be able to think and solve problems,  to be able to find out for themselves and to be excited about their learning. We encourage and guide them to make choices and decisions about their learning. We realise the importance of first hand experiences where children continually learn by doing. We also place great emphasis upon the basics of reading, writing, spelling and number.