School Council

The School Council is a group of children chosen by each class to represent them. We meet once a week to discuss issues and improvements that can be made to the school.

The School Council for 2020 is:-

Year 3 TBC TBC
Year 4 TBC TBC
Year 5 TBC TBC
Year 6 TBC TBC

Chair: TBC
Vice-Chair: TBC
Secretary: TBC
Treasurer: TBC

In this academic year 2018/19 the school council has……

  • Introduced a ‘Tidy Classroom’ Certificate to be presented in Friday achievement assemblies.  School council felt that this would be a good motivation for everyone to keep their classrooms clean and tidy.
  • Organised Christmas Jumper Day.
  • Organised and run the Bring and Buy sale and raised £402.52 for new school equipment.
  • Looking forward to taking part in the Bake sale.

For this year, School Council will raise money for the school through the Bring and Buy sale and support the NSPCC in the Summer Term.

In the academic year 2017/18 the school council has……

  • held a hugely successful Bake-off which raised a very impressive £231.
  • Run a very successful Bring and Buy sale where children brought in books, toys and games that they no longer use. We raised £450 from this event.
  • Changed our Constitution so from next school year, each class will have 4 School Councillors. These will change in February.  The children felt this gave more children a chance to get involved. They also decided that you can only be in the School Council once.  This makes the Chair of the School Council more special.
  • We have also organised for there to be an Ashfield Food Mountain and will donate all items to our local food bank.

For this year, School Council supported the Christmas Gift Appeal, the Peace Hospice during the Spring Term and Assistant Dog Charity for Summer Term.