Parent Focus Group

PFG Autumn Term Meeting

All the parent reps attended this term’s meeting on 6th December. The full house meant that there was representation for every class and year group. That is a big success for us, so thank you very much to everyone for giving up your time.

It was great to hear feedback about our first ever ‘Open Classroom’ event and how much parents enjoyed looking around classrooms and getting involved in learning. We talked about how to ease the overcrowding in year 4 and how to help working parents who may find it hard to get time off to attend school events.

We also discussed ‘Meet The Teacher Evening’ as numbers were down in some year groups this year. We heard a suggestion to run each year group welcome twice, which we felt could solve that issue. We are also going to re-name the meetings, as it was felt that ‘meet the teacher’ is little confusing for the uninitiated!

We looked at the changes to our dinner system with the removal of dinner bands. Discussion was positive around how it made children feel more grown up and trusted, as they could make their own choices.

We talked about traffic on School Lane and how ultimately, it is the children’s safety being put at risk by thoughtless driving and parking. We couldn’t suggest an immediate solution to this on-going issue and would welcome suggestions from you.

If you have any thoughts, please contact us by email at , or simply by contacting one of the representatives listed below.

Current Membership (Academic Year 2017/18)

Year 3 Ms Walters and Mrs Dempster
Year 4 Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Woods
Year 5 Mrs Elsey and Mrs Barnett
Year 6 Mrs Dokelman and Mrs Kanani

If you are interested in joining the PFG as a year group representative, please contact the school office.