Parent Focus Group

PFG Autumn Term Meeting

Thank you to all the parent reps who were able to attend this term’s meeting on 1st December. It was great to hear feedback from Year 3 about how useful our parent-to-parent transition leaflet had been and that children had loved reading the newly published ‘Buddy Books.’ Changes to the initial ‘welcome to Year 3’ meeting for parents will now made in light of PFG suggestions.

We talked about spelling homework and how our dictation format is quite different from Merry Hill. Miss Flint was able to explain the rationale behind this, which was very useful. We discussed consistency of spelling homework format across all year groups to make it easier for parents to understand expectations.

We are also looking into suggestions to make dinner menus half-termly or termly rather than 3 weekly to cut down on admin time required at school and hopefully to help parents remember completion dates.

At next term’s PFG meeting, we are going to discuss homework and the content of the Home Learning Guidelines leaflet. We are also going to discuss the content of September’s ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening and consider what information parents need for each different school year. If you have any thoughts, please contact us by email at or by putting a note in the PFG suggestions box located on the office just inside the wooden gates, or simply by contacting one of the representatives listed above.

Current Membership (Academic Year 2016/17)

Year 3 Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Woods
Year 4 Mrs Elsey & Ms Bagshaw
Year 5 Mrs Dokelman & Mrs Kanani
Year 6 Mrs Hannan & Mrs Tillery

If you are interested in joining the PFG as a year group representative, please contact the school office.