School Travel Plan

We are working with Hertfordshire County Council to promote a safer and environmental friendly ‘School Travel Plan’.   Throughout the year, we will be promoting a number of initiatives on this matter.  This will be shared on the school newsletter and on this page on the school website.

Date Initiative Action
September and October 2022 Idling  You may have seen the large anti-idling boards on the school gates on School Lane reminding drivers to turn off their engines when they are parked.  This will help the environment from air pollution around the school.
October 22 Be Bright and Be Seen

Reminding everyone that as it is getting darker, it is important to wear something bright (or reflective) so that they can be seen by road users.  Click on the links below for some activities.

Colourmebright.pdf (

Be_Bright_Be_Seen_Crossword_for_years_5_and_6.pdf (

Be_Bright_Be_Seen_Word_Search_for_years_3_and_4.pdf (